Yang Yang 杨扬Associate Professor 副教授


    Research Experience 研究经历


    Associate Professor, Pen-Tung Sah Institute of Micro-Nano Science and Technology, Xiamen University, P. R. China

    Education 教育背景
    PhD. of Physical Chemistry, 09.2009-06.2014

    Department of Chemistry, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University, P. R. China (Prof. Zhong-Qun Tian)

    Visiting student, 11.2012-11.2013

    Department of Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley, USA (Prof. Liwei Lin)

    Bachelor of Chemistry & Bachelor of Economics, 09.2003-07.2007

    College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering & School of Economics, Xiamen University, P. R. China


    Selected Publications 代表性论文

    1. Y. Yang, J. Liu, S. Feng, H. Wen, J. Tian, J. Zheng, B. Schöllhorn, C. Amatore*, Z. Chen*, Z. Tian*, Unexpected current–voltage characteristics of mechanically modulated atomic contacts with the presence of molecular junctions in an electrochemically assisted–MCBJ, Nano Res. , (2016) Accepted.

    2. Y. Yang, J.Y. Liu, R.W. Yan, D.Y. Wu, Z.Q. Tian*, Mechanism and Characterization of Electron Transport Through Metal/Molecule/Metal Junctions, Chem. J. Chin. Univ.-Chin., 36 (2015) 9-23. (Invited Review)

    3. H.-M. WenÑ, Y. YangÑ, X.-S. Zhou, J.-Y. Liu, D.-B. Zhang, Z.-B. Chen, J.-Y. Wang, Z.-N. Chen*, Z.-Q. Tian*, Electrical conductance study on 1,3-butadiyne-linked dinuclear ruthenium(ii) complexes within single molecule break junctions, Chem. Sci. , 4 (2013) 2471-2477. (Ñ contributed equally)

    4. Y. Jiang*, P. Wang, X. Zang, Y. Yang, A. Kozinda, L. Lin, Uniformly Embedded Metal Oxide Nanoparticles in Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Forests as Pseudocapacitor Electrodes for Enhanced Energy Storage, Nano Lett. , 13 (2013) 3524-3530.

    5. Y. Yang, J.-Y. Liu, C. Zong, B. Liu, D.-X. Zhang, W. Sun, Y.-F. Wu, M. Lu, Z.-Q. Tian*, Design and Fabrication of an MEA Microchip for Cell Culture Study, Integrated Ferroelectrics, 135 (2012) 71-76.

    6. F. Zhu, J. Yan*, M. Lu, Y. Zhou, Y. Yang, B. Mao, A strategy for selective detection based on interferent depleting and redox cycling using the plane-recessed microdisk array electrodes, Electrochim. Acta 56 (2011) 8101-8107.

    7. Y. Yang, Z. Chen, J. Liu, M. Lu, D. Yang, F. Yang, Z. Tian*, An electrochemically assisted mechanically controllable break junction approach for single molecule junction conductance measurements, Nano Res. , 4 (2011) 1199-1207.

    8. Y. Yang, J.-Y. Liu, Z.-B. Chen, J.-H. Tian, X. Jin, B. Liu, X. Li, Z.-Z. Luo, M. Lu, F.-Z. Yang, N. Tao, Z.-Q. Tian*, Conductance histogram evolution of an EC–MCBJ fabricated Au atomic point contact, Nanotechnology, 22 (2011) 275313.

    9. D. Yang, L. Han, Y. Yang, L.-B. Zhao, C. Zong, Y.-F. Huang, D. Zhan*, Z.-Q. Tian, Solid-State Redox Solutions: Microfabrication and Electrochemistry, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. , 50 (2011) 8679-8682.

    10. J.H. Tian, Y. Yang, X.S. Zhou, B. Schöllhorn, E. Maisonhaute, Z.B. Chen, F.Z. Yang, Y. Chen, C. Amatore, B.W. Mao*, Z.Q. Tian*, Electrochemically Assisted Fabrication of Metal Atomic Wires and Molecular Junctions by MCBJ and STM-BJ Methods, ChemPhysChem, 11 (2010) 2745-2755.

    11. J.-H. Tian, Y. Yang, B. Liu, B. Schollhorn, D.-Y. Wu, E. Maisonhaute, S. Muns Anna, Y. Chen, C. Amatore*, N.-J. Tao, Z.-Q. Tian*, The fabrication and characterization of adjustable nanogaps between gold electrodes on chip for electrical measurement of single molecules, Nanotechnology, 21 (2010) 274012.

    Selected awards 主要奖项

    1. 2011年获教育部“博士研究生学术新人奖”;

    2. 2011年获福建省省级三好学生。