XTech-STMBJ introduction

我们自主研发的单分子电子学测量仪XTech-STMBJ,能够构筑单分子结且对其进行精密电学性质测量,是一种可用于单分子尺度下物理化学性质研究的精密科学仪器。该系列精密测量仪器在国际上技术领先,电流灵敏度达10 fA级别,采样频率可达100 kHz,同时在自动化数据处理方面具有优势。
The XTech-STMBJ, a single-molecule electronics measuring instrument independently developed by us, is capable of constructing single-molecule junctions and measuring their precise electrical properties. This series of precision measuring instruments are internationally leading in technology, with current sensitivity of 10 fA level and sampling frequency of 100 kHz. At the same time, they have advantages in automated data processing.
We have published a series of high-level research papers in a number of world-class journals with our own XTech-STMBJ, and the research results have been repeatedly reported by the XueXi, Science and Technology Daily and other media in 2019 alone.

XTech-STMBJ achieves small-scale commercialization

At present, there are few commercial monomolecular electronic precision measuring instruments in the market. In order to meet the needs of industry and academia, we also set up an industrialization team with small-scale production capacity in September 2019 to realize the commercialization of this series of instruments. Less than three months, we have received purchase intention and orders from some of well-known universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad.
In the future, we will continue to work hard and innovation, further expand the building of electrochemical, optical, thermal modules, enrich the instrument functions, expand the application of instruments, and strive to achieve full industrialization and large-scale industrial production at an early date.