Instrumental Development 精密仪器研发



Instrumental development towards single-molecule electronics, sepctroscopics, and electrochemistry


There is a Chinese proverb said: sharp tools make good work. We are developing cutting-edge instruments and technique for single-molecule scale charge transport, spectroscopic, electrochemical  and catalytic studies.


Manrique, D.Z.; Huang, C.; Baghernejad, M.; Zhao, X.; A. Al-Owaedi, O; Sadeghi, H.; Kaliginedi, V.; Hong, W.;*Gulcur, M; Wandlowski, T.; Bryce, M. R.;* Lambert, C.* “A quantum circuit rule for interference effects in single-molecule electrical junctions”, Nature Communications, 2015, 6, 6389.

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Data mining for single-molecule scale studies

大数据统计分析方法 在单分子尺度实验中的应用

The reproduciblity and reliablity is one of the major challenges for current stage of single-molecule electronics studies. We believe that No statistics, No reliable molecular electronics: the single-molecule electronics measurment only make sense if the results are examined after careful statistics and data mining. We are developing the data mining programs and methodologies for exploring more reliable information from single-molecule scale studies.


Hong, W.; Manrique, D. Z.; Moreno-Garcia, P.; Gulcur, M.; Mishchenko, A.; Lambert, C. J. *; Bryce, M. R.*; Wandlowski, T.* “Selection of promising anchoring group for molecular electronics: experimental and theoretical study on tolane-derivatives.” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2012, 134(4), 2292–2304. (Featured as JACS Spotlight)

Huang, C.; Rudnev, A.; Hong, W.;* Wandlowski, T. “Break junction under electrochemical gating: testbed for single-molecule electronics”, Chemical Society Reviews, 2015, 44, 889-901 (invited review)


Design and fabrication materials using bottom-up approaches and 3D printing technique


We are trying to develop a novel technique exploring the potential of 3D printing technique in the bottom-up fabrication of molecular materials via layer-by layer click-chemistry and self-assembly of organic molecules.


Fu, Y.; Chen, S.; Kuzume, A.; Rudnev, A.; Huang, C.; Kaliginedi, V.; Baghernejad, M.; Hong, W.;* Wandlowski, T.; Decurtins, S.; Liu S-X.* “Exploitation of desilylation chemistry in tailor-made functionalization on diverse surfaces”, Nature Communications, 2015, 6, 6403.