Molecular Electronics / Single-Molecule Electronics 单分子电子学


Electrochemical gating for single-molecule electronics


Break junction techniques, including STM break junctions and mechanically controllable break junctions are considered as testbed to investigate and control the charge transport on a single-molecule scale. The additional electrochemical gating provides a unique opportunity to manipulate the energy alignment and molecular redox processes for a single-molecule junction.


Huang, C.; Rudnev, A.; Hong, W.;* Wandlowski, T. “Break junction under electrochemical gating: testbed for single-molecule electronics”, Chemical Society Reviews, 2015, 44, 889-901 (invited review)

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Baghernejad, M.; Zhao, X., Ørnsø, K.B.; Füeg, M.; Moreno-Garcia, P.; Rudnev, A., Kaliginedi, V.; Vesztergom, S.; Huang, C.; Hong, W.;* Broekmann, P.; Wandlowski, T.; Thygesen, K.;* Bryce, M. R.* “Electrochemical control of single-molecule conductance by Fermi-level tuning and conjugation switching.” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2014, 136(52), 17922–17925.



Connectivity driven conductance and quantum interference effect in graphene like molecules


We are exploring the connectivity driven conductance and quantum interference effect in big aromatic system, and our goal is to develop some approach to isolate and manipulate quantum interference patterns in the hearts of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which could be a significant step toward realizing the potential of single-molecule electronics.



Manrique, D.Z.; Huang, C.; Baghernejad, M.; Zhao, X.; A. Al-Owaedi, O; Sadeghi, H.; Kaliginedi, V.; Hong, W.;*Gulcur, M; Wandlowski, T.; Bryce, M. R.;* Lambert, C.* “A quantum circuit rule for interference effects in single-molecule electrical junctions”, Nature Communications, 2015, 6, 6389.

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Geng, Y.; Sangtarash, S.;* Huang, C.; Sadeghi, H.; Fu, Y.; Hong, W.;* Wandlowski, T.; Decurtins, S.; Lambert, C.;* Liu, S.-X.* “Magic ratios for connectivity-driven electrical conductance of graphene-like molecules.” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015, 137(13), 4469–4476.



Surface functionalization of metal electrodes


Interface engineering to attain a uniform and compact self-assembled monolayer at atomically flat surfaces plays a crucial role in the bottom-up fabrication of organic molecular devices. Working with Prof. Silvio Decurtins’ group, we develop a promising and operationally simple approach for modification/functionalization on different electrode surfaces upon efficient desilylation chemistry.

电极表面修饰和界面工程是有机器件中的一个最关键问题,通过与Silvio Decurtins教授的密切合作,我们研发了一种通过去硅烷化反应具有高度普适性的表面修饰技术。

Huang, C.; Chen, S.; Ørnsø, K.B.; Reber, D.; Baghernejad, M.; Fu, Y.; Wandlowski, T.; Decurtins, S.; Hong, W.;*Thygesen, K. S.;* Liu, S.-X;* “Controlling electrical conductance through a π-conjugated cruciform molecule via selective anchoring to gold electrodes” Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., 2015, in press, DOI: 10.1002/anie.201506026R1

Fu, Y.; Chen, S.; Kuzume, A.; Rudnev, A.; Huang, C.; Kaliginedi, V.; Baghernejad, M.; Hong, W.;* Wandlowski, T.; Decurtins, S.; Liu S-X.* “Exploitation of desilylation chemistry in tailor-made functionalization on diverse surfaces”, Nature Communications, 2015, 6, 6403.

Hong, W.; Li, H.; Liu, S.-X.; Fu, Y.; Li, J.; Kaliginedi, V.; Decurtins, S.; Wandlowski, T. “Trimethylsilyl terminated oligo(phenylene ethynylene)s: an approach to single-molecule junctions with covalent Au–C bonds.” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2012, 134(47), 19425–19431.(Highlighted in Chimia)

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